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Thank you for checking out Crafty Hammer!

We have been in business since February 2019, although the crafty work and remodeling adventures started well before.

After growing up and raising a beautiful family in north east Wyoming, Owen, Angie, and our youngest daughter, Keera, moved to Nacogdoches in January 2019 looking for a new adventure. Angie works at SFA and Owen started his handyman business where he could utilize his crafty skills and the education and experience he has received over the years. Alison, our daughter still in Wyoming, came up with the perfect business name, and Crafty Hammer came to fruition in February.


We did projects in all of the homes that we owned in Wyoming, starting with a deck and putting a pass through in the kitchen wall of our first home to remodeling from the floor to ceiling in the last home. Eventually friends and family were calling on Owen to help with their home projects in his spare time. There was always, and still is, some kind of constructing in the works.

Skylar, our son, moved from Colorado in August 2021 to join Owen and the crew. He brings additional experience after five years of building and restoring log cabins in the beautiful Colorado mountains. Skylar's experience from foundation to finish work will be a great asset to Crafty Hammer as the business grows.

We feel truly blessed to be in the Nacogdoches community and are very thankful to our customers, past, present, and future for giving Crafty Hammer the opportunity to serve you! Thank you!

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