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CRAFTY HAMMER Handyman & Remodel Services

Crafty Hammer welcomes any project large to small!  We want to assist clients in the maintenance, repair, and remodel of their home, shop, or outdoor living space. We come with a positive attitude and take pride in our quality and built to last projects. Call or text 936-244-0092 or fill out the "contact us" and the crew will get busy.

*** FREE estimate within a 10 mile radius of Nacogdoches city limits. ***

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Need your toilet repaired or replaced or a complete bathroom remodel? Crafty Hammer can do it!

Want to add or remove a wall, cut in a doorway, build an island, add custom shelving, or ________ (fill in the blank)? Crafty Hammer can do it!

Windows or Interior or exterior door need adjusted, repaired, refinished, or replaced? Maybe new trim or threshold? Crafty Hammer can do it!

Water leaking from a faucet or pipe? Crafter Hammer can repair or replace that!

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An old floor needs repaired or replaced with Tile, Vinyl, Laminate, or Hard Wood? Crafty Hammer can do it!

Ready for a kitchen update or remodel? Crafty Hammer can do it!

Ready to add or repair a porch, deck, patio, fence, gate, car port, or other outdoor space? Crafty Hammer can do it!

Add or replace light fixtures, trim, crown molding, back splash, or add that special finishing touch? Crafty Hammer can do it!

What is your repair or project? There is too much to list, so contact Crafty Hammer to see if we can do it!

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